Your vote creates a future

Ottawa Municipal Election 2022

For this election cycle, the Greenspace Alliance decided to endorse candidates for Mayor and City Council seats.

This is the list of candidates that, in our opinion, would be most likely to advance and take action on climate, environmental and greenspace issues in the next term of Council.

The upcoming municipal election is the first one to be held after the City’s declaration of a Climate Emergency. This gives us an opportunity to elect a mayor and council that will act as if it is real emergency, not just empty words

The following candidates have earned the GA’s green stamp of approval.

1 Orleans East – Cumberland: Tessa Franklin
2 Orleans West – Innes: Lori Stinson
3 Barrhaven West: Jay Chadha
4 Kanata North: Cathy Curry
5 West Carleton – March: Greg Patacairk
6 Stittsville: Kevin Hua
7 Bay: Theresa Kavanagh
8 College: Laine Johnson
9 Knoxdale – Merivale: Sean Devine
10 Gloucester – Southgate: Jessica Bradley
11 Beacon Hill – Cyrville: Miranda Gray
12 Rideau – Vanier: Laura Shantz
13 Rideau – Rockcliffe: Rawlson King
14 Somerset: Ariel Troster
15 Kitchissippi: Jeff Leiper
16 River: Riley Brockington
17 Capital: Shawn Menard
18 Alta Vista: Marty Carr
19 Orleans South – Navan: Yvette Ashiri
20 Osgoode: Dan O’Brien
21 Rideau – Jock: Leigh-Andrea Brunet
22 Gloucester South – Findlay Creek: Salah Elsaadi
23 Kanata South: Erin Coffin
24 Barrhaven East: Wilson Lo

The GA also believes that such a Council should be led by Mayor Catherine McKenney. They know what the real issues are, know how the city works and can be counted on to take a stand and make the tough decisions on climate change and environmental policies.

The GA made its selection of preferred candidates based on information made available on campaign websites, viewing candidate debates produced by Rogers Television and candidate interviews conducted by vlogger Vincenzo Calla. It also consulted with its membership and subscriber base, and considered the voting records of incumbents and the GA’s own interaction with them on climate, environmental and greenspace issues over the last term of Council.

Urban sprawl continues in Ottawa, tree canopy and natural spaces are declining rapidly, and natural defenses against increasingly extreme weather events are eroding. The importance of voting for the candidates that prioritize these issues in the upcoming election is paramount.