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Barrhaven continues to expand and will continue to see growth and development. But we must ensure we are doing it right. We cannot continue to build without ensuring our infrastructure is upgraded to meet the needs. We must also ensure any development we approve doesn’t have any possible downsides for other residents.

Jay Chadha - Ward 3

We must also ensure that we stick to rules that were set for a reason. We cannot keep altering zoning by-laws or changing flood plains just to rush development through. These rules were created for our own good. We have heard loudly from the community that they shouldn’t have been changed. 

I do have concerns over what new development on the flood plain could mean for upsides further downstream in Hearts Desire, located in Barrhaven East. I also have concerns over what any warehouse developments in Barrhaven could mean for noise and truck traffic on our already busy streets. When residents express deep concerns, we must ensure their voices are heard not only by local representatives, but also by the other councillors making decisions at city hall.

Development in the Ward

Barrhaven West continues to see rapid growth and development as we draw closer and closer to Manotick. Ward 3 currently has a population of about 53,000 residents, making up about half of Barrhaven. Just on the west side of the Jock River, 35,000 residents call that area home.

Development in the suburbs is expected but we must do it right. We need to be building communities for our kids and future generations. That means not letting developers take over and put the needs of residents first.

The lack of care over public perception city hall has shown over the last few years is unacceptable. When residents speak out, their voices need to be heard. When petitions are started or large groups of people get up at city meetings to voice opposition to a motion, their concerns need to be taken seriously. Unfortunately this is not the leadership we have seen from elected officials. As your local representative, public trust and transparency is among my top priorities. I will always put your voice and needs first. I will always ensure your concerns are heard and listened to around the council table.

When rules and bylaws are in place to restrict or prohibit a certain kind of development, they must be followed. We cannot keep altering zoning bylaws to make way for large scale developments which aren’t supposed to be approved in the first place. When this occurs, it’s not the residents who are gaining; it’s the developers. We have seen this with the proposed truck wearhouse depot at the South Merivale Business Park in Barrhaven East, and with the latest Caivan development in Barrhaven West.

While Caivan has brought forward a one of a kind plan to transform the lands between the Home Depot and Borrisocaine, I believe changes to the floodplain should have never been approved to make way for the development. A city engineer who’s concerns proved right before expressed deep concerns over what this could mean for our neighbours in Hearts Desire. He adamantly believed that flooding would take place downstream. It’s still too early to tell if his theories are right, but if true, it would result in devastating effects for those residents in Barrhaven East. At minimum, more work should have been done to study the concerns brought forward and look for alternative solutions

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