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Barrhaven continues to expand and will continue to see growth and development. But we must ensure we are doing it right. We cannot continue to build without ensuring our infrastructure is upgraded to meet the needs. We must also ensure any development we approve doesn’t have any possible downsides for other residents.

Jay Chadha - Ward 3

We must also ensure that we stick to rules that were set for a reason. We cannot keep altering zoning by-laws or changing flood plains just to rush development through. These rules were created for our own good. We have heard loudly from the community that they shouldn’t have been changed. 

I do have concerns over what new development on the flood plain could mean for upsides further downstream in Hearts Desire, located in Barrhaven East. I also have concerns over what any warehouse developments in Barrhaven could mean for noise and truck traffic on our already busy streets. When residents express deep concerns, we must ensure their voices are heard not only by local representatives, but also by the other councillors making decisions at city hall.

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