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As a community that’s been around for almost half a century, some of Barrhaven’s roads and other infrastructure is showing its wear. We see pot holes all over the community, cracks forming in roads and sidewalks, and abstract displays of patchwork done over the decades.

Jay Chadha - Ward 3


What we have not yet seen is any clear plan to keep up with our infrastructure as it ages. Yes we only have so much money, and yes we are just one of 24 wards across the city, but it seems as though Barrhaven is often left behind when it comes to major infrastructure projects. 

So what do we start with? First we need to look at all por roadways — particularly those with high traffic patterns — and review the condition they are in. We need to see how much time they have left, what kinds of repairs are involved, and what it would cost to replace and/or fix. From there we know how much we are budgeting for. This may also include cutting in some more non-essential areas to ensure we have the money needed to fix crucial infrastructure. As much as we’d like to fund a city’s worth of projects, the City of Ottawa is already drowning in debt, a problem we need to get a grip on. I often hear residents talk about the former Nepean days and how that municipality was cautious with its funding, but also made sure infrastructure was kept up to date.

Greenbank Road Realignment

The Greenbank Road realignment should have been completed at least a decade ago. Newspaper clippings from 2003 talk about the need for planning in Half Moon Bay, since the community would see rapid growth over the next two decades. But here we are 18 years later, and it feels like we are no closer to getting this much-needed project off the ground. 

If elected I would advocate to make this a number one priority. While I think everyone is in agreement this is needed, nobody from the current term of council has fought to get timelines moved up. We cannot wait until 2030 for constriction to start. Half Moon Bay is inching closer and closer to Manotick, and more people are using the Greenbank bridge to travel around the community. 

I would work with all levels of government to find funding to get the Greenbank Road realignment project funded. I believe this is a top priority for all of Barrhaven West, and if we look at our finances, I believe we can find enough to cover the costs.

Jockvale Road Rail Crossing

Community associations and those who live along Jockvale Road have long called for a safer rail crossing by the Jockvale United Church. Over the years we have seen too many unfortunate incidents happen there. 

We have seen many plans come forward to build a pedestrian underpass and enhance bike paths in the area. Consultations have been held but that’s as far as conversations have ever gone. 

I would work with the city and community associations in the area to see what would be the most cost efficient and realistic approach to take. This shouldn’t be a project that would cost swarms of money, and at the same time would help save lives. 

I would also advocate to get a multi-purpose path built on the East side of Jockvale Road, and also to extend the bike path from Jockvale to Antler and Valiant. Many residents of our community use these bike paths to travel around the community for work, play or to get to school. We are fortunate to have many bike paths in Barrhaven and we must build upon those to even better serve the need.

St. Joseph High School sidewalk

With safety as a top priority, I’ve heard from many parents and students who say a proper sod walk needs to be built on Greenbank from Marketplace to St. Joseph High School. Many students walk along this stretch of road to get to and from school. They are walking beside oncoming traffic which is only intensifying as development ramps up on the other side of Greenbank.

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