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Jay Chadha — city council candidate
ward 3 — Barrhaven West

Bringing Transparency, Accountability and common sense back to city hall

Barrhaven West, and Ottawa as a whole for that matter, is in a critical stage of growth and development. We need to have leadership who will get the job done while representing the needs of ward 3 residents. 

My Vision & Mission

Urgent need to have some common sense back at City Hall

Barrhaven West is a rapidly growing community. With people of all ages calling this great neighborhood home, I strive to ensure your voice is heard around the council table. Your issues are what matters to me. We are at a very crucial stage as a City. We have over $3B dollar in debt and its climbing day by day. Last year alone, we paid over $240M in debt payments. Money that we can use to better serve our community. We need to be very strategic in our decision making and fund the projects that really make sense and we need now. We are overspending on many projects that we can hold off but not spending on the projects that are way overdue in our ward. Greenbank road and Barnsdale exit   projects are overdue and we need them to fund these projects as soon as possible. We need to start treating tax payer’s hard earned dollars as our own and not use taxpayer’s as a blank cheque.  I am fully committed to serve you as a councillor. I am currently on an unpaid leave of absence from City of Ottawa. I have worked at OC Transpo for nearly 20 years and have intimate knowledge about the operations of OC Transpo. With my background, experience and knowledge I will be your strong voice at the City hall. I will ensure that we bring accountability, transparency, and much needed common sense at City Hall. We need to ensure that we find innovating ways to better serve our community and build Barrhaven for our next generation.  



I am the ONLY candidate running that has 19 years of experience working at the city, therefore understand the inner working and know the efficiencies that we need. Also I am the ONLY candidate that has proven leadership  and community work experience with local Barrhaven grass root organizations for last 20 years. 

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Improving Barrhaven for every Citizen

Lot of candidates know what to fix, but very few know how

Our city is currently in a very crucial stage. Our spending is out of control and we are treating tax payers as “blank cheques”. This needs to STOP. 

We need to be very smart and conscious about our decisions that we make. We are spending our tax dollars on projects that we dont need at this moment, and we are not spending enough on our infrastructure and service improvements in the ward.

Jay Chadha

Running for Ward 3 Council

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Voting day in the City of Ottawa will be held on  October 24, 2022. Special advance voting says will be held between September 24-27 between 10 am and 8 pm, and again on October 7 and 14 from 10 am until 8 pm. More details will be released soon. 

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